Introducing FACTOR
FACTOR is a reprogrammable, multipurpose embedded system which enables integration with existing systems for monitoring, control and reporting. FACTOR offers more features than INUIT and is general purpose, where INUIT is aimed specifically at cold storage applications. The combination of the various interfaces onboard leads to a powerfull system that can be implemented in domestic to industrial applications.

For more information, see the Factor Applications section below.

FACTOR - Embedded Instrumentation
Shown below is FACTOR whic offers a number of novel features. These include relay outputs, opto isolated inputs, MikroBus Socket, operational amplifier, ICSP, I2C interface, etc.

Where can you use Factor?

Factor is a multipurpose system, which can be reprogrammed to suit specific needs or you can use the existing sample code to build a system that does something usefull. See the examples below on how Factor can be used.

Simple System You need to switch a relay on when a high voltage signal is present
Factor has optically isolated inputs which allow for a high input voltage to trigger an event. The microcontroller can be programmed to read the inputs, make a descision on which relay needs to be on and change its state.

Add complexity & features to the system, by reading the integrated temperature sensor. When the temperature reaches a certain value, a relay can be switched to active an alarm, a fan etc.

Build your system further, by comparing the state of multiple inputs. For Home Automation projects, the analog input can be used to read a light sensitive resistor and when the sun goes down switch on a relay to activate a light. Factor can also be connected to a sprinkler system, geyser, solar powered devices and activate and control these devices.

Advanced System Add Mikroe Click Boards to build a truly IOT or connected system. Add a Mikroe Click board which has a bluetooth, wifi, Zigbee, MIWI or a Lora module and create a system that can be controlled by a mobile device or smart phone.