HavenTechnik offers a diverse product range, leveraging embedded technology, and integration technology strategies between PC and mobile systems. Using our range of rapid prototyping development boards for the versatile PIC Microcontroller, the team develops solutions and systems using an extensible platform. Using one of our latest STATIC , SLIVER dev boards, or a DEVCC or Radix you can develop systems and solutions.

  • Environmental Monitoring & Control
  • GSM
  • WIFI Controlled Systems
  • IoT Systems
  • C# and .NET Application Development
  • Mobile Apps

See our future products page for exciting up and coming development tools and products.

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HavenTechnik continues to innovate in its market space, producing and brining to market new and exciting products. This year we are proud to introduce these new additions

Our series of PIC Development Boards have been enahanced to take advantage of some of the latest technolgies and techniques available, and are equiped with the enhanced range of PIC Microcontrollers.

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Sliver: 20 pin PIC Development PCb
SLIVER is a reprogrammable, multipurpose embedded development platform that enables development of compact systems. Owing to the conpact form, the device can be inserted into a bread board and powered directly by the desktop or laptop being used. The unit has a power indicator LED, reset buttom, and IC holder that enables you to swopout the existing device for an alternative device or type.
  • Tracked Headers
  • USB self powered option
  • USB to UART Bridge
  • 5V0 onboard LDO
  • Bootloader Capable - device dependent
  • Supports specific PIC devices, see supported device list on product page

The ICSP Header is compatiable with the PICKIT 2, PICKIT 3 and PICKIT 4, enabling integration wit the standard Microchip tool chain.
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Microcontroller Training
Upskill on the PIC Microtroncoller using the PIC18F45K22.

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