SCALAE - I  is a compact and versatile PIC Microcontroller-based PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). The unit is designed for use in small-scale automation and industrialized projects, where a ruggedized unit is needed to interface with and control elements of a working unit. 
  • Device :PIC16F1827 *
  • Type : 18 SOIC
  • USB UART :  CH340G included with USB Type B connector for serial COMS
  • Installation : DIN Rail Comnpatiable PCB
  • Inputs & Outputs Headers Ported
    • 4 Opto-coupled Inputs
    • Adavanced Sensor Input
    • 2 Commcon Collector Darligton Outputs
  • Programming: ICSP Header
  • Software: Available for easy usage experience
  • Counter: Dedicated frequency input counter
* The PIC 16F1827 is available at present for this unit. Enquire for alternatives.
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 HavenTechnik offers a diverse product range, leveraging embedded technology, and integration technology strategies between PC and mobile systems. Using our range of rapid prototyping development boards for the versatile PIC Microcontroller, the team develops solutions and systems using an extensible platform.

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RADIX,  a series of reprogrammable, multipurpose embedded development boards that enables development of compact systems for 16F/18F PIC devices in different packages. The boards have a power indicator LED, reset buttom, and IC fitted  that enables you to start developing straight away with no hiccups.
  • Tracked Headers - IO Ports easily accessible
  • Reset Button + Power Led
  • USB self powered option
  • USB to UART Bridge - CH340 Family of Devices
  • Selectable  Operating Voltage (3v3|5V0)
  • ICSP Programmable*
  • Bootloader Capable - PIC device dependent

* The ICSP Header is compatiable PICKIT 3 and PICKIT 4, enabling integration wit the standard Microchip tool chain.
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Sliver: 20 pin PIC Development PCb
SCALAE  is a reprogrammable, multipurpose embedded development platform with capable PLC styled features.  The units can be DIN rail mounted and drop in as automation system replacements for more expensive alternatives.  
  • Opton Isolate inputs
  • Transistorised outputs
  • Relay Outputs
  • LM317 onboard regulator - power selection
  • Bootloader Capable - device dependent
  • Supports specific PIC devices, see supported device list on product page
  • LDMicro availabel as the software tools
  • The ICSP Header is compatiable with the PICKIT 2, PICKIT 3 and PICKIT 4, enabling integration with the standard Microchip tool chain.

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* Alternative devices are available on request only.
 Training and Learning
Upskill in your preferred method of embedded system programming. Our training resources offer upskilling in C and Ladder programming. If you are more for a natural language style development then C will suit you. If working with an industrial option, then learning ladder with LDMicro is for you.

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