HavenTechnik is an embedded design and manufacturing consultancy developing bespoke systems and applications. We offer a scope of platform options from small form factor computers to 8-BIT based RISC MCU based applications. Our key advantage is the ability to repurpose an existing system to suit client requirements, providing the software application to leverage the hardware. Where the requirements demand, custom hardware with accompanying firmware is produced to meet the client requirements.
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Raspberry PI,   is a family of small form factor computers that run a linux based operating system. The use of an operating system along with the advanved hardware enables scope for a wide range of solutions with the use of custom applications and a managed environment. Custom code can be written in Python script or Visual Studio Code.  

* We offer support for the Raspberry PI 4 and above..
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Scalae: Automation Systems
SCALAE  is a reprogrammable, multipurpose embedded development platform with capable PLC styled features.  The units can be DIN rail mounted and drop in as automation system replacements for more expensive alternatives.  

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* Alternative devices are available on request.

The RADIX-ECHO  are a compact and versatile PIC Microcontroller-based rapid development platform for the 16Fxxx | 18Fxxx,  48PIN TQFP devices from Microchip . The PCB is designed for use in a development or educational environmet to test and develop code, or develop an entire system. Equally, a professional or serious hobbyist will be able to develop systems and applications using this versatile platform.  During the design process the RADIX-ECHO's development boards have their MCUs carefully chosen for features, availability and scope of development options. Each PCB is designed with prototyping flexibility in mind, the best power options, tool chain flexibility and I/O accessibility so that the PIC Embedded developer has a practical development tool on their workbench.

  • Device :PIC18Fxxx | PIC16Fxxx Devices *
  • IO : 40 PIN IO Header, with 26 usable IO
  • Communiocations :  USB, SERIAL COMS, Ethernet, WIFI
  • Usage : Desktop and breadboard
  • IO : Inputs & Outputs Headers Tracked
  • Programming: ICSP Header and Bootloader
  • Supported Devices: Supported Devices List
* The PIC18F55K42 | PIC18F57K42 are available at present for this unit. Enquire for alternatives. Please see the supported devices list for additional supported devices.
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The RASPBERRY PI  is a powerfull small form factor computer running the Rasperian OS (Linux Derivative), and supporting application software enabling powerfull native soluions. We create custom solutions written using Python | Visual Studio Code environment, and in tandem with the PI's powerfull hardware platform a stand alone or distributed or networked solution can be implemented.

The onboard hardware which includes WIFI, Ethernet, USB or RS232 enables a high level of application integration. The low level I/O enables interaction with push buttons or LEDs for exmaple.

We consult on, conceptualise, build and deliver complete solutions using the Raspberry PI family. We do not manufacture or custom design Raspberry PI modules or derivatives.

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 Training and Learning
Upskill in your preferred method of embedded system programming. Our training resources offer upskilling in C and Ladder programming. If you are more for a natural language style development then C will suit you. If working with an industrial option, then learning ladder with LDMicro is for you.

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