Auomtation Tools
ACTUATE - Versatile auomation tools to build and expand your project

ACTUATE is a series of extension boards that work in conjunction with the versatile PIC development PCBs on offer. The PCB is capable of supporting devices from both the 16F and 18F devices. The PCB may include additional features and functionality to enhance the module's capability.
ACTUATE | General Specifications for the range
Power Connection DC Jack | Terminal Block
Communications Yes. Typically a slave mode of a standard for example I2C, SPI, etc *
Device Processing None, ACTUATE are expansion modules. Additional processing may be available, module dependant
Operational Voltage 5 Vdc | 12Vdc
Input Voltage < 7 Vdc | 15 Vdc
Current consumtion Modules are designed for power efficiency. For specific operational needs refer to the device's documentation.
Power Indication Yes. Power on | active indication is provided.
Purchase Options
  • All currency in ZAR, South African Rands.
  • Device dependant, see individual product's details.
  • Snap in modules may be available for the module.


ACTUATE is a series of expansion modules designed to enhance existing projects by addition features and functionality. ACTUATE works in conjunction with the SCALAE modules and enhance their capability. This family of PCB modules is highly capable with many on board peripherals, digital IO, A2D, Serial coms, etc.
Features . . .

  • ACTUATE Features
    •  PSU 3v3 | 5v0
    • I2C Communications
  • Input
    • Opto Isolated
    • Darlighton Array
  • Output   
    • Relay
    • Mosfet
The ACTUATE is designed primarily as a series of extension or expansion modules. As your project expands, it may grow beyond the onboard hardware I/O available. When this takes place, there is usually MCU capability, however there is insufficient inputs or outputs. This is where the ACTUATE comes into play where the modules offer relay PCBs, opto input capability and this serves to enable the PIC based I/ O board to interface with higher powered circuits.
Deploy Applications
Embedded applications range from standalone systems which control a single element, to wired or wireless applications interconnected for reporting and monitoring. ACTUATE is an ideal, cost effective and well supported series of modules.
Product  Resources
Document Title REV Description
 Introduction : ACTUATE REV n Overview document which outlines first steps to using the ACTUATE product line and sub modules.
How To Use REV n How to use the ACTUATE series of modules for best results