Valuable assets and stock may be in cold storage where they are vulnerable and may be compromised by a power outage, inaccurate monitoring or employee negligence where the cold storage unit is not secured. INUIT is a fully featured system which offers the following:
  • Environment Element Monitoring

    • Temperature Monitoring - Sensor Selection from thermocouple to silicon
    • Humidity
  • Basic Access Control

    • Storage enclosure monitoring
    • Event based open/closed monitoring
  • System Reliability

    • Power Backup
    • Event Monitoring
  • Communications and Interfacing

    • Notifications
    • IOT Integration

Temperature Monitoring: INUIT’s preprogrammed software enables the user to select the best temperature monitoring method from a list of options from Thermocouple to simple silicon-based sensors. The flexibility enables the unit to be setup quickly and adapted to the target environment.

Storage Entrance Monitoring: INUIT’s optically isolated inputs, and relay outputs enable the unit to be configured to monitor the storage unit’s closure and sound an audible alarm when the door is left open. Timed delay alerts for routine or planned extraction can be configured.

Power Backup: INUIT’s onboard electronics sports main’s fail detection and battery charge and monitoring technology. In the event of power failure, the system will continue to function on battery and generate notifications on system health like increasing temperature, power failure, battery low and so on.

Notifications: The system provides audible and intelligent notifications which can be used to sound an alarm for simple events to data notifications for system critical events.

IOT Integration: WIFI / GSM / SMS / Email notifications enable the system to notify technicians and managers of events from an outage to a door left open.

INUIT offers integration with the in development PERPETUIM, which is a In the Cloud and On the Ground approach for both on site and online IOT Integration.

System Advantages and Value Add INUIT is capable of IOT Integration, where the unit sends notifications to alert managers and technicians to events. An event is a power outage, door left open, cooling system failure and so on. The system is capable of two-way communication where an event can be used as a trigger for an actuator.

INUIT utilizes the latest in embedded technology, and sensor capability employing hot swappable modules. The modularized approach ensures that system is continually upgradable, and software enhancements can be applied easily to improve the system. The IOT integration utilizes encryption ensuring that the system remains safe and as impenetrable as possible.