SCALAE - | PIC Microcontroller Based PLC

SCALAE - I  iis a compact and versatile PIC Microcontroller-based PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). The unit is designed for use in small-scale automation and industrialized projects, where a ruggedized unit is needed to interface with and control elements of a working unit.

Specifications SCALAE
Input Voltage DC / AC > 15 VDC | < 20 VDC or > 15 VAC | < 20 VAC
Power Source Unit is powered by either an AC (transformer) or a DC Power Source.
Device Programming ICSP | USART Bootloader *Device dependant
Internal Power Supply Split power source for 12Vdc external operation
5vdc for internal operational requirements
Package DIN Rail enclosure compatiable, or mounting holes can be used for mounting
Device *
LED | Reset Button YES
  •  Optically Isolated inputs | 12V
  •  Analog / Serial Device Sensor Input
  • Frequency Counter Input
  •  Common Emmiter Transistor Outputs + Relays (Available on certain variants)
Communications CH340G
SCALAE - I - is bootloader capable, device depdendent.
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SCALAE I - what is it?
SCALAE is a PIC Microcontroller based automation platform that allows the avid hobbiyst and professioal user to build real world applications. The unit is designed to support the PIC16F1827. This, the smallest in a  family of automation systems is highly capable with many on board peripherals, digital IO, A2D, Serial coms, etc
Features . . .

  • Internal PSU for Opto and operational needs
  • Internal ICSP Programming Header
  • Reset button
  • Power LED
SCALAE is designed to facilitate automated applications The compact design is suitable for small applications where a cost effective and realiable system is needed. LDMICRO is used to create the software which is then flashed to the device as per normal.
Industrialized Automated Applicationss
Embedded applications range from standalone systems which control a single element, to wired or wireless applications interconnected for reporting and monitoring. SCALAE are multipurpose, cost effective and well supported tool with an efwctive tool chain that will assist in completing projects and getting products to market.
Documentation Resources
Document Title REV Description
SCALAE -1 - Getting Started Guide 1 - Original Release Technical document which describes the SCALAE series, how to use the product and basic technical information.