HavenTechnik began in 2009 in response to a request from a colleague to produce a cost-effective PIC development PCB to replace an existing supplier's product. PIC Microchip's at that stage, as now remain a coming of age product, keeping pace with the demands of industry. Development platforms which empower and enable the engineer to develop systems and products are essential.


In MMXVIII (2018), we rebranded to create a more distinctive company image. Rather than just focusing on development platforms, we now cater to clients needs in a consulting capacity as well as producing products which are uniquely HavenTechnik. Our product range caters to both hardware and software producing embedded systems, as well as PC based software and systems. We have become a more diverse and adaptive company which is more capable of delivering to client requirements.

Scope of Operations

Client Offering We offer services in an arena that combines IT and Electronics Engineering acumen. We create the software for PC & custom electronic systems, as well as the custom embedded microcontroller based systems that run the software. The above being the fundamental offering, Alternative Energy, Automation and IOT are niche areas that we have provided solutions to along with embedded development tools and platforms.


We are based in Olivedale, Johannesburg. Johannesburg (Gauteng), one of the two largest cities in South Africa is at the econmoic heart of the South African economy. With clients located in the UK, Europe and USA we have a global reach.


HavenTechnik is currently headed by Michael Havenga. Starting his career in 1996 in the automotive industry, he pursued embedded engineering as an evolving interest. At the time with limited tools, security and production reporting system were produced at Toyota to cater to manufacturing needs. After a divergence into the IT industry to gain better career horisons, he has returned to the helm of a dream for an entrepreneurial journey.


Previous trademarks for Haventechnik are Duetronix and ZarDynamix. HavenTechnik currently still carries some of the successful products produced under those trademarks.