• December 2020, New Products Releasing Soon

    • Lumens IoT: Lumens recieves an upgrade to be IoT capable.
    • Amber: New upgrades to our favourite DEV PCBs
      • Amber PIC 24/ 32: First Release of the 16BIT/32BIT applications
      • Amber 18: BluBerry 18 gets an upgrade to the new features
    • NODE: An industrial application capable product using the ruggardised version of the Dallas 1B020 temperature sensor. Includes OPTO inputs, relay output and is GSM capable.
  • January, 2020

    Site update: View the swatch product page with new information on the SWATCH range of PIC Microcontroller add-ons. New additions to the SWATCH family will be retained here. Valueable Information such as technical specifications, usage options and code saples will be presented here.

    Swatch's space saving, vertical attitude when placed in board enables multiple units to be connected in "back-plane" style.

    • DTH-11: Measure RH% and Temperature
    • 1-Wire: Connect Dallas 1-wire devices
    • MQ: Install any of the MQ sensors to measure 02, N02, LPG, Air Quality
    • RS-485: Connect a daisy chain of boards
    • Thermo: K Type Thermocouple conversion module

  • November, 2019

    Press Release: Haventechnik Announces the release of the Swatch series of add on modules Swatch is a collection of essential add on modules, where the module enables reapid development, from a code orientated and transition perspective. Although rapid POC is important, the code deployment to integration with an existing project or solution is essential. 4 examples of this new product will be available shortly, with more to follow in time.
  • September, 2019

    Press Release: Haventechnik Delivers on systems integrations HavenTechnik delivered, in August 2019, custom software which enabled data capture from a local, PC based terminal to be posted to a web based where housing application. Toxzen, a web applications developer based in WilroPark, Gauteng required a reliable application which would interact with a scale and a bio-metric sensor. These two hardware elements were interfaced to terminal running Windows 10. read more
  • June, 2019

    Knowledgebase Article : How to add a motion sensor The motion sensor used is a simple device and although it operates at 5V0, it provides a 3v3 TTL output each time the sensor is triggered. This voltage drop or disparateness can be compensated with the use of a transistor. The 3v3 is used as an input voltage to the transistor, which causes the transistor to switch on. The code will use an inverted approach to the logic and trigger an output. What you connect to the output would be at your discretion.
  • April, 2019

    PIC Microcontroller Training Course : Training is essential to upskill or stay on par. Access out PIC microcontroller course without charge, to upskill and get to grips with the PIC Micro. The course uses the DEVCC-V40 an easy to use and affordable hardware platform. The easy to use software is also freely avaialble.

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