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Document Title Product Review: A closer look at the DEV-40
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Release Date February 11, 2021
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The DEV-40 is a product which is intended to offer PIC micro controller enthusiasts a development platform. While many other options exist, many PIC users found its versatility and cost effectiveness a valid reason to change over. However, PIC based products and systems continue to offer a strong alternative.

NOTE: The ProtoDev-40 was originally released under our previous company ZarDynamix, and we continuing the availability under HavenTechnik.


The ProtoDev-40 is a member of the BluBery family and offers form factor compatibility across the range of development PCBs. The 16F and 18F families share a similar pinout and this enables products and systems to be PIN compatiable, allowing for code to be deployed from a smaller device in pin count and features to a bigger device such as the PIC18F45K22.
The PIC18F45K22, which is SMT mounted onto the PCB offers a number of advanced features including dual comports, comparators, and so on. See the features set below:

NOTE: The feaures below are a subset, please refer to the Microchip datasheet for more details.

The Feature Set

  • Device: #PIC18F45K22
  • Dual Power Supplies
    1. 3v3 and 5V0
    2. Jumper setting configures the PCB voltage
    3. PCB is voltage polarity reversal protected
  • Serial Communications
    1. PCB Connector: Mini USB, Type B
    2. USB ->USART bridge: FT232
    3. Tracked to RC6 | RC7
    4. Supports Bootloader
  • Programming Methods
    1. ICSP interface, compatible with PICKIT 3 & PICKIT 4
    2. Bootloader
      1. Uses USB to USART interface
      2. NOTE: Bootloader installed
  • Software
    1. Mikroe Compiler or other suitable type
    2. Any Microchip compatiable software with produces a hex file
  • Hardware
    1. All I / O are tracked to headers on the board edges

Down to Code

Shown below is a simple code sample for a Hello World project example. The code demonstartes how to configure the PIC and flash an LED.

/* It's That Easy Series - PIC18F45K22 */ void ConfigureDevice() { // Peripherals you don’t need ANSELA = 0x00; ANSELB = 0x00; ANSELC = 0x00; // Inputs and Outputs TRISB = 0b11111110; // Initial PIN Configuration LATB.B0 = 0; } Flash_LED() { LATB.B0 = LATB.B0^1; Delay_MS(500); } void WhatToDo() { Flash_LED(); } void main() { ConfigureDevice(); while(1) { WhatToDo(); } }

Why use the ProtoDev-40. . .

The ProtoDev-40 utilizes one of Microchip's powerfull, energy efficient and extensbible devices. Prepopulated on the RADIX, it's a power up and play solution capable of running from a USB cable. The Device itself offers many itegrated peripherals namely: USART, I2C, SPI, PWM, CCP timers and so on. That's allot of techno jargon, but it equates to a compact purchase with many open doors for ongoing development; the device will allow you to grow your project to its full potential.