SWATCH  is a collection of essential modules which add on to your existing application. With their easy to use interface, and simplified approach to integration, SWATCH offers an extensible set of development modules.

Swatch utilises a composite header which combines power requirements and the establsihed protocol which are used.

When creating POC code, the need is for simplicity and ease of integration for the project actual going forward. Swatch provides a common interface which enables access to standard I/O, RS transmission lines, I2C, SPI and analog lines.

Swatch's space saving, vertical attitude when placed in board enables multiple units to be connected in "back-plane" style.

  • DTH-11: Measure RH% and Temperature
  • 1-Wire: Connect Dallas 1-wire devices
  • MQ: Install any of the MQ sensors to measure 02, N02, LPG, Air Quality
  • RS-485: Connect a daisy chain of boards
  • Thermo: K Type Thermocouple conversion module

Launching November 2019, the first four of the series are available along with code samples.