The Radix is a compact design platform that mimmics an Arduino. The Arduinos size and flexibility are reflected in the same simple, extansible design. The user has access to the same PIN header layout, and the Radix is boot loader capable.

Specifications RADIX
USB Powered Capable YES
Device Programming ICSP | USART Bootloader
3v3 | 5V0 YES
Package 28 PIN SOIC - PIC18F25K22
LED | Reset Button YES
Headers Ported A, B, C
The RADIX is bootloader capable, and uses the Mikroe Boorloader Software.
The RADIX is not compatiable with Arduino Sketch, you will require an IDE to write code, however a hex file can be flashed to the device using the bootloader method.


Where can you use Radix?

Radix is a compact PIC development tool which is similar in size and form to Arduino. The development PCB is pin compatiable in some respects to Arduino, and will work with certain shields. The PIC18F25K22 is the 28 PIN variant of the PIC18F45K22, and offers similar features at a lower PIN count.

The Radix can be used to develop simple projects or complex systens involving communication with other systems.