Lumens is HavenTechnik's battery powered lighting controller. Used in conjunction with a suitable solar panel or DC Power supply, the system builds into an alternative energy solution. The unit has two lighting output channels for LED lighting banks and can be set to switch on | off with the transition between night and day or on demand. Lumens is an essential building block to create an effective alternative energy system which takes advantage of available sunlight converting it into backup power or DC charged, lighting system.
For a detailed look at an Alternative Energy application for Lumens, see here Alternative Energy

Assembled Lumens Unit
Shown below is a Lumens unit, which is easily asaptable to many applications and is reprogrammable to suit the applications specific parameters. Onboard features include an LDR, Push buttons, battery charger and dual channel PWM capable ouut put for luminescence control.


Setting up Lumens is quite simple, and does not require any specialist skills. Caution should be exercised not to reverse connections as this may cause damage to the system.


Lumens is Alternative Energy Solution, the features list for Lumens is listed below:

  • Solar Charged | Battery Powered Lumens charges via a solar panel, which may be replaced with a DC power supply. Chargeing during the day, the sysytem will store sufficient power to run LED lights for a full evening.
  • Dual Channels Two LED lights or Banks can be connected to Lumens. Led lights cosume low current and this can provide excellent illumination for a room or an outside area for secuirty purposes.
  • Day | Night The LDR (Light Dependant Resistor) enables you to adjust the ambient light that will trigger Lumens and switch on the LEDs.
  • Adjustable Brightness Use the provided tactile buttons to adjust the brightness. This setting is memorised for each time the sun sets, and Lumens switches on.
  • High Current Charge If bright light is required, draining the battery. The unit's high current charge capability enables the system to recharge quickly once the sun is up.