Web Sites & Applications
Websites form an integral part of an application, whether available online for public consumption or on a company intranet. Online applications are content rich, delivering product relevant information and provide access to the organization, its ethos, the products and services on offer. Intranet based web applications assist the company with its business processes, capturing data, monitoring operations and performind day to day buisness tasks.  
HavenTechnik provides web development services for both public and internal facing needs.In an ever increasing IOT and IIOT related world, embedded applications access on line services delivering data. This service includes domain registration and hosting.

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Equipment and Hardware
Every application requires appropriate hardware to run, this may be servers, desktop hardware, laptops office equipment and so on. We provide a PCB (Perspex and Copper Board) CAD service where we transform the client requirment into electronic hardware. Gerber files are provided as part of the deliverable if the client prefers to self manufacture. Contract Manufacturing is available as well.

HavenTechnik endeavours to provide its customers with end to end solutions which enable the project to be commisioned "without a hitch". This service includes consulting, pricing, delivery and service of IT related equipment.

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