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The DEVCC family of development platforms would not be complete without a prototyping attachment or shield. The shield attaches to the DEVCC-40, or any of the other PCBs n the family and leverages the common architecture. To make using the shield easier, the layout is simple and once attached creates an integrated platform to develop PIC-Microcontroller applications.

This topic is introductory, and should be read in conjunction with other topics in this series of training documents.


The DEVCC is a family of embedded application development PCBs which cater to the wide variety of PIC family packages available. Since PICs are available in 8, 14, 18, 20, 28 and 40 PIN (amoung others in 64, 80 and 100 PINs) packages and owing to the resources needed for each device in each family, a certain PCB  is required. The DEVCC family therefor has a similar, standard architecture, but with differences between the various platforms. The slight differences cater to the specific  requirements of the PIN package. This article is intended to assist the developer in describing the use of the Proto Shield and how best to use it.


Lead In

Shown below is the Proto Shield, fully assembled. The headers have exta length pins, which connect the two boards together. Once connected, a prototyping area is available to develop and test the circuit that will work in conjuction with the MICRO on the PCB below. The available peripherals and IO would be determined by which PCB is connected. The maximum features and IO are available when the DEVCC - 40. For greater insights, see the table below.

The ProtoShield icludes the following features:
  • Prototyping Area
  • All headers tracked
  • Push Button
  • POT for analog applications
  • Two LEDs

In the table below, the individual specifications of the DEVCC variants are laid out. The BlueBerries are slso included as the products shares the same layout and features, with the exception that the device is SMD soldered to the PCB.

DEVCC Specifications DEVCC V18 DEVCC V20 DEVCC V28 DEVCC V40
USB Powered Capable YES YES YES YES
Bootloader Capable NO NO YES YES
Package 18 PIN DIP 8, 14, 20 PIN DIP 28 PIN DIP 44 PIN TQFP
LED | Reset Button YES YES YES YES
Headers Ported A, B A, B, C A, B, C A, B, C, D, E

The above systems constitue the DEVCC range, catering to the PIC16F | PIC18F families of devices.            Learn more »

Build and prototype . . .

Builing an embedded application has become simpler and easier to achieve. The common architecture shared by the BlueBerry (DEVCC) range of pic development boards enables the developer to migrate the entire shield from PCB to PCB depending on the application requirements. The change in base means that the application benefits from the new peripherals, but with no change required to connections made.

NOTE : Although PICs share common port based pinout and compatiability in the architecture, to ensure PIN compatibility it would be the responsibility of the application developer to ensure that a PIN compatiable PIC is chosen from the same family or family of devices.