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Document Title Product Review: A closer look at Sliver
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Sliver is a series of rapid prototyping PCBS which cater to small package PICs to aid in rapid POC development.

Sliver NOTE: Sliver XX is part of a larger family and series of products SliverXX, and Sliver MQ Tester


Sliver is a series of development PCBs that combine convenience and practicalty into a single slimline form factor. Starting with the 20 PIN Devices, Sliver supports a number of 16F and 18F devices from different families that share a similar pinout. 20 PIN Devices offer two additional I/O over 18 PIN Devices and with many of the newer 20 PIN devices available, IOT project scope has opened up of smaller package devices.

NOTE: The feaures below are a subset, please refer to the Microchip datasheet for more details.

The Feature Set

  • Dual Power Supplies
    1. 5V0 LDO Voltage Regulator
    2. USB Powered
  • Serial Communications
    1. PCB Connector: USB, Type B (Printer USB Cable)
    2. USB ->USART bridge: MCP2221
    3. Jumper selection interupts USART Interface
    4. Supports Bootloader (Device dependant)
  • Programming Methods
    1. ICSP interface, compatible with PICKIT 3 & PICKIT 4
    2. Bootloader
      1. Uses USB to USART interface
      2. NOTE: Device Dependant
  • Software
    1. Mikroe Compiler or other suitable type
    2. Any Microchip compatiable software with produces a hex file
  • Hardware
    1. The PIC is supported by a robust platform.
    2. I/O are tracked to peripherals for ease of use.

Down to Code

Shown below is a simple code sample for a Hello World project example. The code demonstrates how to configure the PIC, initialise the UART and respond to incoming coms.

/* #Sliver with PIC16F1509 */ char UartVal; void SetUpDevice(){ ANSELA=0x0; //Set all analogs off ANSELB=0x0; //Set all analogs off C1ON_bit = 0; // Disable comparators C2ON_bit = 0; // UART1_Init(9600); //Initialise UART Delay_MS(100); } void main() { SetupDevice(); while(1){ if(Uart1_Data_Ready()){ //Bounces recieved character UartVal = Uart1_Read(); Uart1_Write(UartVal); } Delay_MS(500); } }

Why use Sliver. . .

Sliver utilizes Microchip's powerfull, energy efficient and extensbible devices. Selecting one of the devices, enable a power up and play solution capable of running from a USB cable. The Device itself offers many itegrated peripherals namely: USART, I2C, SPI, PWM, CCP timers and so on. That's allot of techno jargon, but it equates to a compact purchase with many open doors for ongoing development; the device will allow you to grow your project to its full potential.