How to run a jar executable

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Document Title How to run a jar executable
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The Microchip Bootloader package runs as a jar exectuable. However, when the user attempts to run the file "nothing" happens. This is owing to an operational requirement, where the jar executable requires invocation via a BAT file.

What you need:
  • Latest version of Java installed
  • a bat file that you will create
  • The Microchip Bootloader package


When attempting to run Microchip's Unified Bootloader Application users will run into an issue where repeated attempts to run the jar executable will prduce no results. To run the jar file, a bat file is required to invoke the application so that it runs. To create the bat file, follow the steps below.

Create the BAT file

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Save the file as [run.bat] NOTE: ensure to set the Save as type to All Files, this avoids a run.bat.txt file from being created
  3. Enter the following line java -jar UnifiedHost-0.1.14.jar
  4. Close and save the file

Change the file association for JAR Files

  1. Extract all files from the Microchip zip file into a directory of your choosing, no installation is available or required
  2. Right click on the file, select properties
  3. From Open with, select Change
  4. Scroll Down and click More Apps
  5. Scroll down and click Look for another app on this PC
  6. Browse to ~\Program Files (x86)>java > (Ver #) > bin
  7. Locate a file called javaws, select and click open
  8. Click Ok on the properties dialog
  9. Run the run.bat file