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Document Title Bootloading the DEVCC
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Release Date March 14, 2019
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The DEVCC - V40 is an ideal development platform for projects and systems. To simplify usage, the bootloader system is used to program the device for code updates and code changes while the system is in field. The bootloader reduces the cost of usage, as no additional development hardware is required.

What you need:
  • MikroC for PIC *
  • USB cable
  • Hex file in a known location
  • DEVCC - V 40
  • Powersupply: <5Vdc @500MA
The Serial version of the Bootloader software is available as part of the MIkroC Pro compiler . You are required to download and install the compiler, and then the Bootloader is available from the Tools > mikroBootloader menu.
Warning: The USB HID Version looks identical to the serial version, however it will not be able to bootload the device.


The bootloader is a small piece of firmware which is pre-installed on the PIC device, creating a boot area. It remains on the PIC indefinately or until the bootloader function is no longer required. Since it must remain on the device, it does occupy a small amount of program memory, and this must be factored into you system design as this cannot be used by the application. The firmware enables the device to connect to a PC based application which enables the user to download new firmware onto the PIC.

Previously, a PICKIT or 3rd part programmer would have been required to update the code on the device. However, the bootloader only requires the programmer once, and thereafter the device firmware can be updated on demand using a USB cable and the bootloader software run from a Windows based pc.

The bootloader requires a hex file, which is compiled code generated from PIC compiler. You may use, for example either MPLABX or the MikroC compiler; or any other complier which generates a compatiable hex file.

The DEVCC - 40 has the MikroC firware installed as a courtessy and at no charge. This is to faciliate the use of the DEVCC - 40 if an alternative means to program the device is not available. The content in this article is also applicable for use with MikroC's product range of PIC Ready PCBs for 18F Devices.


The procedure to bootload the DEVCC is simple, and easy to perform. Start: Open MikroC » Tools » MikroBootloader
  1. Click Change Settings
  2. Select Comport
  3. Set Baud Rate to 115200, remaining settings are default
  4. At Select MCU, change to PIC18
  5. Click Ok
MikroC Bootloader

To bootload the device, do the following:

  1. Power up the DEVCC - V40
  2. Connect the USB cable to both the DEVCC and the PC
  3. Connect to Device 
    1. Click Connect
    2. Press the reset button on the PCB; you have a few moments to do this before the software times out
    3. MikroBootloader will report when it is connected
  4. Click Browse for HEX
    1. Locate the [YourFileName].hex
    2. Click Open
  5. Click Begin uploading
  6. When the process is complete, disconnect the DEVCC from the USB cable and reboot the device to ensure that the reprogramming is complete
  7. Your code update is complete