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HavenTechnik is an Embedded Engineering initiative. Designing and producing systems and projects to client specifications for a range of applications. If your project is commercial, or a rapid prototype, software only (desktop, app or webb app) contact us:

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Development boards for the powerful and extensible PIC Microcontroller in the 16Fxx and 18Fxx families. The DEVCC - V40 is one member of the PIC Development boards in the DEVCC family, which enables the PIC Developers to create solutions and systems using a extensible platform. Using a DEVCC or Radix you can develop systems and solutions for:

  • Environmental Monitoring & Control
  • GSM
  • WIFI Controlled Systems
  • IOT Systems
  • C# and .NET Application Development
  • etc, . . .


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September, 2019

HavenTechnik Delivers on a system integration solutions,read more

June, 2019

Add a Motion Sensor to your project, read the KB Article here: How to: Add a motion sensor

April, 2019

PIC Micro Training: View the developing PIC Micro Training course as it develops and is released.

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