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Document Title Product Review: A closer look at the RADIX
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Release Date March 17, 2019
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Lead in

The RADIX is a product which is intended to offer PIC micro controller enthusiasts a viable alternative to the ARDUINO platform. With the introduction of the ARDUINO platform and sketch, many PIC users found its versatility and cost effectiveness a valid reason to change over. However, PIC based products and systems continue to offer strong alternative to Arduino.

NOTE: The RADIX was originally released under our previous company ZarDynamix, and we continuing the availability under HavenTechnik.


The product is a PCB in the Arduino form factor, which means that the PCB looks like an Arduino, and has a similar pinout to an Arduino. The PCB is also compatible with certain of the Arduino Shields. The strong points of compatiability enables the RADIX to be used to perform many of the same functions, and be used as a drop in replacement for projects where the Arduino has found a home.

The Feature Set

  • Device: #PIC18F25K22
  • Dual Power Supplies
    1. 3v3 and 5V0
    2. Jumper setting configures the PCB voltage
    3. PCB is voltage polarity reversal protected
  • Serial Communications
    1. PCB Connector: Mini USB, Type B
    2. USB ->USART bridge: FT232
    3. Tracked to RC6 | RC7
    4. Supports Bootloader
  • Programming Methods
    1. ICSP interface, compatible with PICKIT 3 & PICKIT 4
    2. Bootloader
      1. Uses USB to USART interface
      2. NOTE: Bootloader installed
  • Software
    1. Mikroe Compiler or other suitable type
    2. Any Mocrochip compatiable software with produces a hex file
  • Hardware
    1. All I / O are tracked to headers on the board edges

Down to Code

Shown below is a simple code sample for a Hello World project example. The code demonstartes how to configure the PIC and flash an LED.

/* It's That Easy Series RADIX - PIC18F25K22 */ void ConfigureDevice() { // Peripherals you don’t need ANSELA = 0x00; ANSELB = 0x00; ANSELC = 0x00; // Inputs and Outputs TRISB = 0b11111110; // Initial PIN Configuration LATB.B0 = 0; } Flash_LED() { LATB.B0 = LATB.B0^1; Delay_MS(500); } void WhatToDo() { Flash_LED(); } void main() { ConfigureDevice(); while(1) { WhatToDo(); } }

Why use the RADIX. . .

The RADIX utilizes one of Microchip's powerfull, energy efficient and extensbible devices. Prepopulated on the RADIX, it's a power up and play solution capable of running from a USB cable. The Device itself offers many itegrated peripherals namely: USART, I2C, SPI, PWM, CCP timers and so on. That's allot of techno jargon, but it equates to a compact purchase with many open doors for ongoing development; the device will allow you to grow your project to its full potential.